Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mykki Blanco at Birthdays

Pure madness. Started with crowd fed with grapes ended in pogo. Yes, Mykki wonders. 29th January 2013. A day to remember.

My Brightest Diamond at Bush Hall

The coldest 12th November 2012. Ever. But so much worth it.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Animal Collective at The Roundhouse

Dear oh dear. Sunday November 5th 2012 and so much pleasure.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bear in Heaven at Birthdays 20th June 2012

It was a wonderful gig, Dearest Readers. It has pushed me in your arms and I apologise for not posting more often.

They are the most rhythmically satisfying band with longing vocals Pure joy for my tired heart.

I would like to mention eye pleasing moves of the bassist and vocals. What a joy.

And it is sometimes good to hang around. Encore was performed to the joy of the less packed audience and we all had our moves.

Primavera Festival 2012

Dear Readers

I am most probably writing this post just to fill the hole between my last publications and Bear in Heaven praise again.. Needless to say, I have been to gigs. I have failed to share - guilty me.

Just a teaser now. The Cure gig was long. Very very long and packed with hits.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gang Gang Dance and About at ULU - 23rd Nov 2011

An amazing show packed with new music and loads and loads of positive energy. One ends up banging their head and forgetting.

Isn't the tour dancer a scary creature? He is not to be messed about with. Have fun.

About were musically professional. A treat.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Twilight Sad at The Borderline - 21 Nov 2011

It was a sentimental trip we made with my dearest friend. After all we had seen Twilight Sad so many beautiful times. We got to the venue early to get the tickets only to find out the gig had sold out. Sold out!

After having a meal and stalking the kindest of the kindest drummer (we will be grateful forever, you made our day) we got on the guestlist and got to see Twilight Sad in their glory.

They played a great show. The new songs sounded brilliant and versions of old ones were simply astonishing. The crowd was singing along and like a mother and father, like proud parents - we were so happy to see them. Needless to say, the guitarist and the drummer have unearthly skills. And the lead singer seems to be posessed on stage. Spooky but well worth experiencing.

We could not help but notice that Twilight Sad have a solid fanbase and we are far from being the biggest fans. But at least we are groupies. And stalkers. And we are always in the first row!

And last but not least, my dearest friend got me the setlist. The most vulgar setlist ever!