Friday, 2 January 2009

Bruno S.

The blog seems to be populated with a variety of Brunos now, but that should not discourage our dear readers.

Werner Herzog is a gentleman whose name should ring a bell, oh how Bruno S. rings the bells here (should be the first link), please read this article about Bruno S. and play the video, it may be difficult to appreciate the bells if you do not happen to know the carol, but those of you who do will most probably agree that it is most touching to see and hear Bruno ring the bells. Most amazing. Most most.

But before reading the article, you may want to see Bruno's performance in one or even both, why not, Herzog's movies. It could be either Stroszek or The Enigma of Kasper Hauser but, preferably and recommended, both. The former being famous as the nail to Joy Division's Ian Curtis' coffin, death is in the eye of the beholder as this particular movie is not depressing in ours, quite the contrary, the scene with a newborn baby in doctor's hands gives hope and we sometimes think that no, hope is not what we like but still, Stroszek we enjoy. What we most love about Kasper Hauser is its gloominess, dissection, reports and, above all, Bruno S. Be so kind, dear readers, and do not ignore this plea.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

By the way

Will I die this year?

Just to reiterate

Not quite sure why, on the spur of the moment, this highly entertaining blog comes to being in front of your eyes, dear readers, and the blog is a happy being, curious of the world, opening its eyes and wondering what the hell. The blog hastens to warn that it is shockingly single-minded about reminding you, dear readers, that 'non omnis moriar' applies to just a handful of individuals, smarter, more of a genius, more of a star than the humble blog itself and its devoted readers. Therefore, the blog cherishes its fragile existence, or rather the fragility of existence, to be precise, hoping that some of you, dear readers, will slip into the reverie along with the blog.

Being an inquisitive being, the blog did investigate its origins, undula, what a shameful name. At this point, may I refer you to one of the most brilliant writers of the last century - Bruno Schulz - who, apart from being a skillful wordsmith, about which, rest assured, dear readers, you will be informed, was also an artist. At this point, we will refrain from going into details as to what was on revered Bruno's mind when he was working on his drawings which depict his female idol - Undula - but it gives you a clue as to the origins of the blog's name. We imagine, in the near future, you will feel you're fed up with Bruno, Undula, death and London gigs but the blog will go on, no matter what, in eternity.

In eternity. Hah.