Thursday, 18 February 2010

Beach House

Essentially, Dearest Readers, my aim was to deliver this splendid review of a gig that brought tears to my eyes, mainly, Beach House in Bush Hall on 17th February 2010. I shall not go into details of how difficult it was to get to the venue considering that Liverpool station was closed and there seemed to be no other way that the strange way to get to the west part of London. Oh joy. Arriving just in time for folky Lawrence Arabia, which was a strange way to start the evening musically but slowly progressing to the front row only to forget myself staring at Victoria or rather Victoria Legrand's hands and, how fetishist of me, boots. I completely forgot that there was Alex on guitar and a man unknown on drums. I was mesmerised.

Dearest Readers, I quite liked the album, but I feel I understand it better after the gig, and consequently, love it as it should be loved. There is unbelievable dreaminess and warmth about Beach House, and there is something I like to call musical talent. Bear with me for a second, while I explain. Talent can be a burden, you do not need talent to please Undula's ear, sometimes an idea is enough but with Beach House - there is plenty of talent and one idea that spans across the albums and live music. There are recurring musical themes and they do it so well.

I can tell my Dearest Readers are losing patience and, in all probability, have no idea what I intended to express apart from the standard what a great band. But it certainly was an event of the brought tears to my eyes kind. I did not want them to go.

One more word about Victoria Legrand who is an immensely charismatic person, entertaining the audience during the slider quest, controlling the musical output, playing the keyboard with closed eyes (I know I know, I am easily impressed) and being ultimately, but ultimately, sexy.

Dearest Readers, please go and see for yourselves.

Vampire Weekend

After a terrible support whose name I shall not name on 16th February 2010 in Brixton Academy, my Dearest, there came the four youngsters to deliver perfectly performed pop act, full of joy and honesty. To be fair, I am not Vampire Weekend fan, but to see a band succeed without being boring is a treat. Needless to say, the cover photo girl's eyes were black/blue/red making this photo even more disconcerting to me. Dearest Readers can probably tell this is the third review in which I have failed to put my heart and soul. Or perhaps I shall name the support - Fan Death. An awfully untalented dancer/singer/individual without any idea about what to do on stage, painful to see.

Depeche Mode

How come, how come, dearest Readers, I got to see Depeche Mode so late in my life. 16th December 2009, O2 Arena. Arriving quite early, we managed to get to the front braving the completely drunk part of the audience who kept falling over, this part of the audience was so wasted that the remaining part of the audience ejected the drunk part within half an hour. Joy to see.

So they came on stage and they ruled my world. I do not think I have mentioned before that I am not that young and early 90s music tends to take me places. They are great showmen, great musicians, I have to see them again.

Graham Coxon

Barbican, 28th November 2009, yes, quite this review has been outstanding for quite a while It was quite a spontaneous outing which resulted in us going to Barbican, in a gig mood, unlike the hundreds who were in a theatre mood, for some reason, there was no joy anywhere in the audience. As far as music is concerned, a fantastic idea. Dearest Readers have by now realised there is not much I remember, the month being February. I shall not utter a word.