Thursday, 1 July 2010

Broken Social Scene, Here We Go Magic

Dearest Readers, I know what you are thinking, I am getting less and less critical of the photos I graciously take at gigs. Perhaps it is true but this time I wanted to show you two amazing artists - part of Broken Social Scene collective who gave a brilliant performance on 30th June 2010 in Forum. Brendan Canning and Andrew Whiteman who stole the show and perhaps did not let me enjoy the feel-good nature of the band. I only wanted to edit out all the noise and get to the core of their output. I understand that Broken Social Scene are a talented lot, however, as much as I appreciate their music, it never sticks with me for long. So back to the two - Andrew Whiteman has a captivating social persona - with feline or jerky moves, unexpected smiles towards the audience and ultimate guitar playing skills. A true joy to watch. Brendan Canning, on the other hand, is like a crazy artist, running around the stage and playing the bass. This is the part I really enjoyed.

Sadly, there were bits I did not understand, like banter courtesy of Kevin Drew about how the band are close to the audience and how they want to share the feel-good but at the same time, he gets a bit overwhelmed by the joy of the audience member on stage. On top of that, I do not consider him the best singer in the collective. And the girl with big hair was too much. And, Dearest Readers, I am only moaning here.

I do not want you to think I did not like the gig, I enjoyed the long long show thoroughly. I also thought Here We Go Magic were quite enchanting.