Sunday, 28 March 2010

Twilight Sad, Take a Worm for a Walk Week

Dearest Readers already know that was not the first time I had seen Twilight Sad, in fact, a gig in Relentless Garage on 24th March 2010 established me as a proper groupie of this Scottish art group (I could not help the art). So here I was, in the first row, waiting. Take a Worm for a Walk came first (last picture above), with cool tattoos and beards, a lot of shouting and not so great guitar skills but, me being quite sentimental about my youth, wandered off to all the garage bands in my teens, all the dodgy gigs I went to when I was young and, I like to think, musically underdeveloped. Anyway, this band was really refreshing, with the singer grabbing his balls and eating his fist, singing the famous male choir bit from Annie Lennox' 'No more I love you's' . Real fun, I would like to reiterate, I loved the tattoos.

Then came a terrible band, Wild Palms, please do not let me go into details of how awfully full of himself the singer was. And the only bright spot was the strangely attractive drummer. Do not even ask. I do not know.

I always imagine that before the gig, the band throws three buckets of water on the singer to sober him up. That is why they always take some time before coming on stage. So when they finally did, I felt how detached from the band you are in Relentless Garage, Scala and Lexington were perfect, you could almost touch them, I could see what Andy was doing etc. But then I realise, it is good they are so far as they have a real groupie now, and I am not a groupie at all, there was a girl throwing herself, singing, taking pictures, going absolutely mad in the second row. She obviously missed the boat with the first row, but it did not stop her. She was full on, and I felt I was coming second, not much passion in me. Especially that I could clearly see that there is something sad and worrying going on in the band. Tension between the drummer and the singer who was willing to improvise. I was hoping that the drummer was angry because he had to sell merchandise all evening but I do not think this was the case. Anyway, a good gig. Twilight Sad are a great band with lots of ideas. Even when they borrow a bass player from Take a Worm for a Walk Week, and even when the drummer makes mistakes (never before), it is worth seeing them live. I think I already mentioned I love them.

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