Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Roundhouse, 29th March 2010, Phoenix, quite an autobiographical gig, my Dearest Readers will soon realise. I listen to the radio in the mornings, and one morning some time ago, the presenter was raving about Phoenix, a band of my early 20s tune of the year and quite an album with great instrumental songs recently. I also remember quite clearly a young video director showing me photos of their instruments with a logo of the band, so proud. So the band turned out to be fantastic, with this unnecessary moment of curtains going down just before an encore. The crowd was absolutely mad, the singer would go into the crowd, singing all the catchiest tunes as you can imagine. My favourite moment was when the two guitarist were playing, you can tell there is a great experimental potential in the band, sadly or not overshadowed by great, almost anthem-like, songs. And one of the guitarist has the most face dominating lower-lip imagined, fascinating.

Supporting were Two Door Cinema Club, a band most likely making a great impression on the youthful crowd. I remained passive.

So my Dearest Readers must be wondering where is the autobiographical part. Well, early in the show, while I was taking photos with my most reliable camera-phone, I got a text from my best friend about a terrible flu in Poland that left her pregnant. This gig was a Requiem for my Youth.

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